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DATA Sources

The links below will direct you to databases related to Irish biodiversity. All of the sources listed relate to actual data sources rather than metadata.

The National Biodiversity Data Centre
The National Biodiversity Data Centre is a national body established for the collection, collation, management and presentation of Ireland's biological diversity. The website is a portal to data on Ireland's biological diversity and an internet tool to make information more freely available for informed decision making and future biodiversity research.

National Invasive Species Database
The National Invasive Species Database is an inititive of the National Biodiversity Data Centre and is at the establishment phase of its development. It provides up-to-date centralised information on the distribution of invasive species in Ireland. Interactive GIS maps of their distribution can be accessed by clicking on the species search tab. (Biochange) is a database of Irish living organisms developed at NUI Galway as part of the Biochange project funded by the Irish Environmental Protection Agency. Currently (February 2009) more than 12,000 species have been added. The database includes a preliminary set of reasonably complete data on seaweeds, flowering plants, birds, and marine vertebrates and invertebrates together with some sources, references, distributional data and other information. Incomplete entries include freshwater algae and terrestrial fungi and lichens.

National Parks and Wildlife Service Maps and Data
This section of the NPWS web site provides an interactive way of accessing spatial data managed by the NPWS, including information on Natural Heritage Areas, Special Areas of Conservation, Special Protection Areas, Nature Reserves, National Parks and indicative location details for protected species on a 10km2 grid square basis.

Irish Marine Digital Atlas

MIDA is an digital atlas providing a comprehensive resource for coastal and marine information and spatial data in Ireland. The site provides an overview of topics related to the Irish coast, in addition to an interactive atlas where you can choose layers from various organisations to view and query.

AlgaeBase is a database of information on algae that includes terrestrial, marine and freshwater organisms

Bat Conservation Ireland
Bat Conservation Ireland developed an online bat records database in 2004 with grant funding from The Heritage Council. You can search the database by species or by county.