National Platform for Biodiversity Research
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This database holds information on metadata relating to biodiversity research in Ireland. The database is currently non-exhaustive and will be further populated as relevant information is received by the secretariat. The most recent update was November 2014

Many biodiversity research projects cover a range of species and habitats and in some cases may not be habitat or species specific. For this reason the search criteria associated with this database are broad-based and may not capture all relevant research using keywords. We hope to further develop the search criteria in the future to enhance the utility of the database.

The database may currently be searched using the following criteria:
Search by habitat: Enter the Fossit level 1 habitat code e.g. P Peatlands in the search text box.
Search by broad species or subject area group: Select the broad species or subject area group from the drop down menu.
If you wish to view the full database click on "show all”

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